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The assistance of a personal injury lawyer is not necessary in all personal injury cases but the assistance of a personal injury lawyer in a semi-truck accident case can be critical to the outcome. The at-fault semi-truck driver will have a large corporation at its disposal to fight your claim. A lawyer who practices in the area of semi-truck accidents will know the rules and regulations that govern semi-trucks, and the corporations that own and operate them, to preserve evidence and obtain evidence that will maximize your recovery.

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Semi-truck accidents account for most of the accidents on the road and occur with alarming regularity in Oregon. Since semi-trucks are heavy and their truckloads weigh thousands of pounds, when a semi-truck collides with a vehicle, the results are often catastrophic.  As a result, there are several federal and state traffic and safety regulations that semi-truck drivers and their companies are required to follow.  A lawyer with experience in handling these types of cases will be knowledgeable of the traffic and safety regulations and use them to maximize your recovery, potentially using a pattern of violating the rules and regulations by the at-fault company as a basis for punitive damages.

Semi-truck accidents can happen in a moment’s notice because of road conditions, weather conditions, mechanical failure, improper loading, or even a drowsy or intoxicated driver.  The most common cause of semi-truck accidents is violations of the traffic and safety regulations.  ​If you or a loved one has been involved in a semi-truck accident, call our office today.  We have the expertise to get you more for your truck accident settlement.

An experienced lawyer will know what evidence is needed, when your claim is ready to be resolved and work diligently  to maximize your recovery.  All personal injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, which means Nicole only collects a fee if she is able to recover money for her client. Initial consultations are free. Contact Nicole at 503-451-0477.

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